The Best Compression Socks!

The Best Compression Socks! 

Does your feet and/or ankles swell after a long days work? Did you know that compression socks are very important to your everyday wear? Many healthcare professionals wear compression socks for comfort, fashion, to lessen pain & swelling as well as promote circulation.

Compression socks come in different compression sizes depending on the type of comfort you are looking for. They range from:

Mild pressure- anything less than 15 mmHg- This compression can combat fatigue after being on your feet all day.


Moderate pressure- 15 to 20 mmHg-This compression is generally better for those  who have minor swelling in their lower legs.


Higher compression- 20 mmHg to more than 40 mmHg- This compression is usually considered medical grade and mostly for those with varicose veins, severe swelling. (A doctor’s order may be needed for this compression)


As you see, compression socks are a great accessory to your scrub fit, not just for fashion but to promote better circulation as well! So take a look around on our site and order your pair of compression socks today!